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Comments by Participants

Kingdom Swim
Comments by Participants

I wanted to thank you again for organizing such an enjoyable and well run event on the weekend. The lake is such a great place to swim and I found the water quality, temperature and conditions were amazing. The course well marked and an interesting route to travel. Thank you so much! I look forward to attending the event next year if my schedule permits and I will recommend this event highly to other open water swimmers in our small community.  p.s. The walking stick is fantastic. - Rondi Davies, NYC, overall winner of the 10 mile course with a time of 4:04:49

Congratulations on such a successful event, it was so smoothly run through such great attention to detail in your race planning. However this race was like no other in the fact that it had the most incredible community atmosphere, through the efforts you made possible for all to see the positive social, physical and psychological benefits of coming together to get people of all ages and abilities active.  Well done! From all the Stowe Swimmers thank you for your incredible hospitality. North East Kingdom rocks! - Charlotte J Brynn, Stowe, VT

Thank you for making my first open water swim so much fun and rewarding.  From the registration process online to the culmination of the events, everything was done in a positive, informative and encouraging manner. I was very impressed by how you greeted everyone individually and took the time to personally talk to each one of us. I was definitely nervous and unsure of how to swim the event, but everyone involved was very helpful and patient in answering my questions and making me feel more relaxed about the swim.  It was a wonderful experience and I am hoping to be a participant next year.

The gifts for earning donations were awesome. 

Thanks again for everything.  Take some time for yourself. You earned it :) !   Keep swimming and have a wonderful rest of the summer. - Barbara Lysy, Hudson, NH

Thanks. You put together a great race and weekend. I had a blast and my family really liked Newport and all of the people we met. Thank you so much. I hope that you will continue to put on the Kingdom Swim. I would come back in an instant. - Jim Birmingham, Waterbury, VT

Great race yesterday! Great job on the event and thanks so much for organizing it! 
- Rosemary Shea, Westford, VT

Kingdom Swim was incredibly well done and well run.  The safety factor alone was phenomenal and the care and attention that went into making this a fun, safe, and rewarding event was amazing.  The kayak rental was wonderful, and the whole experience was better than imagined.  Thank you for an unforgettable day.  Adam and our family are going to be back again next year!!!

Thanks so much! - Teresa Sinel, Newport, VT

What an incredible success.  You did a great job.  It was a pleasure to be a part. With my new membership to IROC I can be in a little better shape for next year so I can keep being the "old man" of the swim.  See you then. - King Boyd, Newport Ctr. VT (winner of the “most mature” award, at 65)

Thanks for having this event.  It is my longest solo swim to date.  I have some appreciation for the logistics involved in putting on a successful swim event, as I am active in the CIBBOWS, an open water group in Coney Island.  Thanks again.  It was a fine event.
- Lori Carena, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for a great swim...and a great experience! It's something I will not soon forget!  Nice job pulling it all together!! - Ali Douglas – Hinesburg, VT

CAN'T WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!! . . . Thanks for a great and MELLOW event - we loved it! - Peggy Bolster, Westport, NY   

The roadies have pushed the Ramonator into the trailer, the smoke from the Battery E guns has dissipated into the North Kingdom sky … The end of a great weekend!

This event went off as if it were the tenth running, no kidding, a great job by you and the crew. From speaking with the others, I know that is the consensus throughout. Once again, the Ausies from down under blew us Yanks away! Give 'em the stick, matey! John and Rondi are very cool people. I am blown away that someone swam that distance in four hours.  Once again, thanks for the effort, it was really a great time and it was fun meeting. - George Hunihan, Milford, CT 

Either an earlier start for the adults or later for kiddos would be nice as well for those of us who have kids and might want to watch them do the 100 or 400 races.  I have already talked to my wife about taking the family up for a vacation next summer. Thank You for organizing it  - Kevin Joubert, Towson, MD

Thanks for everything. This event was spectacular. You'll see me back north in the next year or two.  Thanks, - Steve Tavella, Brattleboro, VT

Fantastic event! It was well organized, great people in all aspects. I regret that I couldn't stay after the 1 mile swim (my ride was leaving...)  Hope to make it next year.  At least for the swim, I met my goals (to finish, get a time, and finish between 1.5 and 2 hours). Couldn't be better!

And kudos to the one with the in on the weather.
- Paula Yankauskas, Hyde Park, VT

Thanks for a great event. I truly loved swimming in my first swimming race! I did the one-mile in a wetsuit. I hope to do the 3 mile next year. - Donna Kelley, Amherst, MA

More Comments by Participants

... what an amazing weekend!  I can't thank you enough for everything; what a wonderful event. I don't think the accomplishment has fully set in yet so I'm still a little speechless about the whole thing (did I REALLY swim 10 miles!?) but just thinking about how smoothly everything went; it was so laid back, stress-free and enjoyable.  I'm going to work on making the shoulders even stronger for next year so I can try to push the pace a little more.. and still have something left for Santa Barbara!  Thank you again....truly an unforgettable experience.

Thanks so much to you and all the other volunteers for all the effort you put into the Kingdom Swim.  It was a fun, well run event.  I have attached a few photos that my wife took.  We plan to come back next year, but will make sure to add an extra day before the event, as well as one at the end, so it's not so rushed.

A couple of SouthEnders just participated in the First Annual Kingdom Swim this past weekend.  If you can get yourself to Vermont next year, this is a great event, run by folks so wonderful you'll wish they were SouthEnders too.  Make sure you get there the afternoon before, as you wouldn't want to miss either the Pet Parade down Main Street or the pasta dinner for swimmers and the fabulous support folks.   

I just wanted to say thank you again for a terrific day. It was my first 10-mile swim and I couldn’t have hoped for better conditions or race organization. My husband/kayaker was especially appreciative of the course markers since at most races, he’s stuck with “aim for the blue house on the hill,” or something similar… look forward to next year.

After spending a couple of days in and around Lake Memphremagog, I am still not sure how to pronounce it. 10 miles is challenging distance, but the course was well marked and the weather perfect.

Congrats to Rondi (who i'm quite used to watching swim away from the rest of us by now) and John (who was kind enough to let me swim next to him for 7 miles.... then, I like to think he shifted into overdrive, but it is more likely that i blew a gasket).  Mark this one as a must for next year if the distance interests you!  A really fun event with a swim for everyone!

Although not everyone was able to do it, the ability to preview the course in a boat the day before was a nice touch. Specifically it helped during the long stretch from the 6.1 mile to 8.8 mile buoy.  My kayaker was a local lady who I can't really thank enough. Need to figure out a good gift to send to her.  Recommended race.