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2009 Youth Recap

The River Rats Rock the Boat
at Kingdom Swim

Newport, Vermont – Youth Swimmers made a serious statement at Kingdom Swim -- They have the open water fever and they’re ready to rock the boat. 

The champion of the Kingdom Swim River Rats – no question about it – was 17 year old Eli Barrett of Waterford, Vermont who completed the 10 mile swim in 5:45:05.  That’s some hot swimming.  Congratulations to the leader of the Rat Pack!!!!!

Two Newport youth completed the 3 miler: Danny Decelles, age 14 and Adam Lodewick, age 15 with times of 2:28:41 and 2:28:03.  Anybody think that’s easy, jump in the lake and try it!!!

But here’s where it gets really, really interesting.  14 year old Michael McGean of Framingham, Massachusetts, was the overall first place finisher in the mile (adults and kids). Let me repeat: FIRST PLACE OVERALL IN THE MILE with a time of 24:38!!!  Folks probably didn’t notice because we started the kids after the fat and happy adults had a five minute lead.  Let me tell you, mister man, that’s a burning time by a future champion!!!  And a total of 7 River Rats ages 10 through 14 completed the one mile swim. In addition to Michael, there was Kristina Gavin, age 12 of Derby, VT, Riley Barter, age 13 of St. Johnsbury, VT, Olivia Miller, age 13 of Newport, VT, Emma Stuart, age 10 of Derby, VT, Sarah Bilodeau, age10 of Newport, VT, and Wyatt Hamby, age 12 of Derby Line, VT  -- THAT’S SEVEN. Tells me that THE NEXT GENERATION HAS ARRIVED.  THEY ARE ROCKING THE BOAT.

If you have any doubt about it: There was also Brooke Smith, Age 9 of Waterford, VT completing the ¼ mile and eight kids, ages 6 through 10 taking on the 100 yard swim: Daya Sharon, 9 of Westborough, MA, Abigail Stuart, age 10 of Southlake, TX, Victoria Stuart age 7 of Fairfield, CT, Lindsay Thornton, age 8 of Harvard, MA, Michael Thornton age 9 of Harvard, MA, Mathew Thornton age 9 of Harvard, MA, Samuel Stuart age 9 of Fairfield, CT, and Michael Fernandez, Age 6 of Boca Raton, FL.

As far as I’m concerned they should all be still wearing their butterflies and splashing around in the shallow end of the pool.  But they’ve broken through the ropes, made their escape to open water, and they’re not looking back.  They are The Kingdom Swim River Rats and they are hot on the tails of The Big Fish.