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2011 Announcements

21-11 It’s Hunting Season for Volunteer Yackers

First comes spring skiing (going to be a great year for it), then the trucks start dropping through the ice, then the birds start returning to their waiting nests (see pic; we have lazy birds up here; they re-use their nests, if they can), then we ditch the socks and pull out our Keens from their winter storage (below the nest).  And so it begins.

Which means that it's already Hunting Season for Volunteer Yackers.  Last year's class of 40 strong are already signing up in numbers.  (So, if you have already requested a volunteer Yacker, don’t let this e-mail send you into a tizzy.  We’ll have more than enough for the existing requests)  But from the early registrations it appears that the event will continue to grow and we're looking to grow our pool of volunteer Yackers to 80 this year to meet the anticipated demand and have a few to spare.  We have been reaching out to groups of Yackers as well as watershed associations and other non-profit groups looking to raise some money.  We donate up to $70 to each Yacker’s charity of choice (if we need to supply the kayak, we can do that, but lower the donation to $35).  In addition, volunteer Yackers get a free ticket to our Swimmers and Yackers Pasta Dinner and a long sleeve Kingdom Swim T-Shirt.  So if you know friends or family who are experienced Yackers who might like to join us, please spread the word and invite them to enlist.  Below is the invitation we are sending out.  Please forward it to any individual or group you think might be interested in volunteering.  Thanks.

Kayaking for a Cause at Kingdom Swim

If you love to kayak, join us at Kingdom Swim
We’ll donate up to $70 to a Charity of your Choice
July 9, 2011 – Newport, Vermont 

Kingdom Swim is actively recruiting experienced kayakers to volunteer to provide support for our Kingdom Swimmers in the 10 mile, 6 mile and 3 mile courses.  All kayakers with their own kayaks can designate a charity of their choice and we will make a $70 donation in their name as an expression of our appreciation for their support of Kingdom Swim.  (If they need us to provide a kayak, we will provide one but reduce our donation to $35.)  We are inviting non-profit organizations to use this opportunity as a great fundraiser.  Also included, as our special thank you to each “Yacker”: a ticket to our Swimmers and Yackers Pasta Dinner on Friday before the swim (so that they can meet their swimmers) and a long sleeve Kingdom Swim T-Shirt with our rally cry:  No Lanes – No Lines – No Limits emblazoned on the back

Last year our Volunteer Yackers raised over $3,000 for worthy charities. 
And we’re looking for twice as many Yackers this year!
Kingdom Swim is sanctioned by US Masters Swimmers and USA Swimming which provides insurance coverage for the event and for volunteers acting in support of the event.
If you are willing to volunteer, please
Register at:
Or e-mail us at:
Or contact Debbie Trembley at: IROC at 802-334-8511