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2011 Announcements

Waffles – Wetsuits – Walking Sticks – and Lasagna

We are very pleased to report that MVP and Hayes Ford have joined the growing group of sponsors of our 2011 Summer Series, including Kingdom Swim, and that XTERRA WETSUITS is back again as a Sponsor with a great prize for a lucky high pledger and some great discounts for all our Kingdom Swimmers.  What does any of this have to do with Waffles?

If you check out our PIX of the Week on our IROC web site (by clicking here and going to the third picture), you will see that we’ve already started squandering that sponsorship cash by buying a waffle iron (with two more on the way) from our local kitchenware store, Alexandra’s.  So, when you all come out of the water, cold, tired, and exhilarated, we will have hot waffles with local maple syrup and freshly churned Cabot butter ready and waiting for you along with hot chocolate.  Makes me hungry for waffles just looking at the pic.  THANK YOU MVP AND HAYES FORD!!! And thanks too to Alexandra’s for the assist.

Makes us feel a little cold, just thinking about spending a few hours in the water.  (Especially looking out at the fishing shanties this morning as I write).  Which brings me to the next “topic:”  Wet Suits.  Some of you have asked about this.   We have two divisions, wet suit and non wet suit for all of our distances.   You do not declare until the morning of the swim.  As you go through the shoot to wait for the start on the beach, we will check you in and note whether you are wearing a wet suit or not.  Simple as that.  So you can decide at the very last minute.  “To wear or not to wear.  That is the Question.”  (But, you can’t dither on it past our ready-or-not start times of 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00.  We are not going to write a whole play about dithering and dallying.  No drama here; just swimming.

Speaking of wet suits, we are thrilled that XTERRA WETSUITS is back again this year as a sponsor of Kingdom Swim.  As part of that partnership, our Kingdom Swimmers receive exclusive discounts on the XTERRA WETSUITS product line, including up to 50% off Vortex 3 and Vector Pro X2 triathlon wetsuits (and they have the opportunity to win an XTERRA WETSUIT as part of the high pledge thank you prizes).  If you want to rent or buy a wet suit at a great discount, visit and use coupon code R-KINGDOM to purchase or rent the best selling triathlon wetsuit in North America!  You can check out Beth and Paula modeling these suits at our Willoughby Swim by clicking here.  We can say first hand that these are great suits, wonderful flexibility, and very reasonably priced.  Don’t know how they do it.  But they do. 

I am also pleased to report that Dr. Bill is hard at work on his hand carved, Kingdom Swim, walking sticks  (You know the sticks that our two time winner, Rondi Davies uses to walk through “the bush” when she returns home to Australia.)  They are awarded to the fastest non wet suit male and female winners of the 10 mile course – The Queen and King of Kingdom Swim.  You can see Dr. Bill in his Derby shop with the sticks in hand, almost finished already by clicking here and going to the fourth and fifth photos in the slide show.   Oh yes.  Almost forgot.  Before the snow began to fly, we buried the last fast suit we could find.  Channel crossing rules now apply to USMS open water swims.  All we can say is, IT’S ABOUT TIME. 
And, finally, in the spirit of “I’m Hungry.  Let’s eat!”  We are now taking reservations for the Montgomery’s Café,  Swimmers and Yackers, totally scrumptious, Pasta Dinner at the Gateway and under the tents at the Newport Waterfront on Friday evening at 7:00 pm.  (Immediately after the Frontier Animal Society’s Pet and Swimmers Parade).  Last year we had 330 of you attending.  This year we have room for 400, but no guaranties after that.   Price is $15 for all you can eat for those 13 years of age and older, $10 for kids 6 through 12, and $5 for kids 5 and under.  Making your reservations early assures you a seat at the best dinner of the summer and helps us plan how many tents to set up.  You can reserve your seat on line by going to the Pasta Dinner Page at our web site or by clicking here.

All this talk about Waffles and Lasagna makes me pretty hungry.  Means it’s time for my family to test IROC’s spankin’ new Kingdom Swim Waffle Iron, just to make sure it works.  Part of our diligent, no-stone-left-unturned, preparation for Kingdom Swim 2011.  Thank you, MVP and Hayes Ford.