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Jimmy Buffett's Idiot Twin Brother is Coming

1/31/11 - Jimmy Buffett's Idiot Twin Brother is Coming    
 and more about the Swim and Support Your Swimmer

All Early Registrants for Kingdom Swim 2011 (and all others who are on a “need to know” basis)

We can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are to welcome so many early registrants to Kingdom Swim, 2011.  Special welcome to Jonathan Aman who will be travelling all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii to participate in our 10 mile swim and who lists the US Coast Guard as his emergency contact.  (Good thinking Jonathan. I think we should list the Coast Guard as the emergency contact for all of our swimmers.)   With James Penrose traveling across The Pond from London, the worldwide reach of Kingdom Swim continues to expand.  How great is that!!!  Please check your status on the newly posted Roster, especially the status of your qualifying.  The stuff’s been flying through my computer, so if I missed an update of your status, just let me know.

We are pleased to announce that Changes in Latitude (featuring Jimmy Buffett’s idiot twin brother) will be playing on Saturday night at our Street Dance.   So, get out the parrotheads and sharkfins, we’ll be having a Jimmy Buffett Look-A-Like Contest during the Internationally Acclaimed Frontier and Animal Society’s Pet and Swimmers Parade.  We’ve got an all new Kingdom Aquafest web site up and running at   Check it out.  Last year’s participants have starring roles.  We’re planning a week long party starting with July 4th in Gardner Park.  So don’t think that this is “just another swim.”  It’s a week long PARTY IN THE KINGDOM.

A number of you have been asking about how they can make additional donations to support our groundbreaking Healthy Changes Initiative.  Music to our ears, I have to say.  This is, after all, a Charity Swim.   So, we’re very happy to get underway with this aspect of the swim and explain how it works.
But before we do, we want to say this about that.  Many of you will choose not to engage in this fundraising frenzy.  And that’s entirely fine with us.  We are happy you are coming and joining us for a great and wonderful swim in our little Great Lake of the Kingdom.  Your high spirited participation in this event is thrilling to us and our community.  We have some kind of fun and we are happy you are joining us.

But, for those of you who do want to invite friends, families, and employers to donate in support of your swim, you can do so by inviting them to make an on line donation at

Every donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated.  We will acknowledge receipt and thank each donor (with copy to you) and keep a tally of your total which we will post on our Pledge Leader Board every couple of weeks from here on out.

This additional support makes a HUGE difference.  We would invite you to spend just a minute to read about IROC’s Healthy Changes Initiative  our groundbreaking “use it or lose it” discounted membership and exercise program for those suffering from certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.   Last year the donations of our runners, bikers, and swimmers allowed us to hire a special coordinator, grow the program and expand the reach to include cancer patients, cancer survivors, and seniors 65 years old and older.   It’s not a cure, but it sure does help.  We don’t receive any federal or state money to support this program.  We don’t do research to find a cure.  But  every day we are helping hundreds of  individuals take control of their lives, lose weight, get control of their blood sugar levels, and simply keep moving.   Your support makes all the difference and we appreciate it. 

And we have some great ways to thank those of you who round up additional donations in support of your swim.  We have a wonderful list of high pledge prizes which will be awarded on the day of the swim.  Swim Art’s guided swim from Alcatraz, Ned Denison’s Swim Camp, an EXTERRA full body wet suit, a Jay Peak Season’s Pass, a weekend Condo rental, Red Sox Tickets offered by Boston Sports Club.  For the full listing of what we have collected so far, click here.

And, for everyone participating in this part of Kingdom Swim, we have some great ways to thank all of you with Kingdom Swim T-Shirts, Sweats, and Hats when you get to certain levels.  Please check out our Prize page here.   Is there a large, over-valued blue beach towel  going to be added to the mix?  Don’t know.  Waiting for a chorus of “I gotta have it!.”  (with some cash on the barrelhead, of course!)  And, every swimmer who participates in this aspect of the event gets a free, absolutely wonderful NEKOWSA bumper sticker with our rally cry “no lanes – no lines – no limits”  Just a way to thank you all for going the extra mile to support the cause.

If any of you have any questions about any of this, just shoot me an e-mail.  Only question I can’t help you with is, “What should I wear in the Parade?”  But a beach ball and a Hawaiian shirt is a good place to start.  (We gotta make our buddy in the Coast Guard feel at home, after all.)

Now, back to the pool with the lot of you.  SEE YOU SOON!!!

Flipper Fil