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Cobra Kayak Signs On to Sponsor The Games

Thanks to Beth Barnes, our new Yacker Coordinator (for all of our swims and triathlons), and Cobra Kayaks, we will be able to award a Cobra Explorer as a great pledge prize for one of the high fundraisers at Kingdom Swim. And, we are able to offer a 20% discount on all models of Cobra to all of our Summer Game athletes.

These sit-on-top Cobras are just the best for escorting and supporting open water swimmers. Beth has been using them for a number of years, escorting 20 solo swimmers across Catalina Channel in 2010 and 2011 and supporting many other open water swimmers on the west coast. She likes to be able to sit tall and see more. They track well with a wide berth for stability and plenty of room for swimmers' supplies. And, if they roll (in the kind of frisky conditions that we see every now and then on Mighty Memphremagog) they are much easier to remount and get back on your way.

Soooooo, as you look to the Miracle of Summer ahead, if you want to take advantage of Cobra's Kingdom Discount, feel free to contact Beth at She's got all the info on the various models and the applicable discounts. Forget to give your yacker a present for Christmas? What better gift than a Cobra? Got everybody a present but yourself? What better way to reward yourself for good behavior than a Cobra? And don’t forget, Be Kind to Your Yacker Week is coming up in April.