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Escape from the Rock!

The Prize -- donated by Swim Art

With the help and guidance of Swim Art you can do what at least 37 federal inmates were apparently unable to do: Brave the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay and swim from Alcatraz to the shores of San Francisco! It used to be considered impossible to navigate the cold, the current, and the creatures to reach freedom. This is an historic and spectacular one-mile swim that will test your skills and courage and leave you with lasting memories of beautiful views and good times. The folks at Swim Art have guided hundreds of open water swimmers through these waters. They figure that anybody who can take on Lake Memphremagog and its lake monster and survive deserves a shot at this truly great escape. After your swim, check out Alcatraz Island itself or just enjoy your freedom!!!

Note: This prize does not include travel, meals and lodging, it does include the guidance and support of some real experts at open water swimming. This year’s prize must be redeemed in July, August or September of 2012.