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Kayaking for a Cause

The growth of some extraordinary open water swimming in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is attracting the attention of the world wide marathon open water swimming community.  It is organized, hosted, and supported by Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association, a division of Kingdom Games, Inc.   Our swims are also accessible to all levels of swimmers, young and old from near and far. Open Water Source has listed Kingdom Swim as one of the top open water swims in the world.  We now host a 10 mile world championship, sanctioned by the World Open Water Swimming Association.  Lake Willoughby Swim and In Search of Memphre have been listed as among the top 100 swims in the United States.   Lake Memphremagot and Lake Willoughby have made the list as two of the great 50 open water swim venues in all of the Americas (north and south). 

The support of kayakers (yackers) and patrol boat pilots (boat people) has been central to this success.   Every swimmer in all of our swims (doing more than a mile) must be accompanied by their own kayaker.  Kayakers guide, support, and monitor their swimmers.  They are the most important part of our many efforts to assure that our swims are some of the safest .   Most bring their own kayakers.  But many are dependent on our ability to recruit and support a volunteer.  If you have a kayak, terrific.  If not, we can arrange for one.

This year, we are offering each volunteer kayaker and each patrol boat $50 per day.  (If we supply a kayak, our stipend is reduced to $25)  They can use these funds to cover some of their expenses or they can donate that amount to a charity of their choice.  Our biggest need for support is at Kingdom Swim on July 12, 2014.  But , this year we are looking for support on all 13 days of swims.  As part of your registration as a volunteer, we are asking you to note which days you are willing and able to support. 

Volunteer kayakers also get a free entry into Kingdom Kayak (our 10 mile expedition kayak on the Kingdom Swim course) and a 25% discount on our 4 day 3 night camping exploration On Lake Memphremagog on September 18-21, 2014. 

Hope you’ll join us for some wonderful adventure on the legendary lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  Just a great way to celebrate the heart of summer in the heart of The Kingdom.