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Howard Frank Mosher

Howard Frank Mosher lives and writes in Irasburg, Vermont.  Up here, “Where Spring comes slowly,” we love our summers, we love our Red Sox, and we love reading Howard’s masterful stories about our land and its people.  We can’t say, “To know us is to love us.”  We can say, “To know us, you have to read the tall tales of Howard Frank Mosher.”   Howard’s official web sites are and  His unofficial web site is  No Yankees fans need apply for this prize.  It is reserved for loyal members of Red Sox Nation.

The complete, autographed works to date of Howard Frank Mosher will be arbitrarily and capriciously awarded by the Organizing Committee to that participant who demonstrates true persistence and the “fist in the face of reality” attitude that is reflective of so many residents of the Northeast Kingdom.  We have started to call it, “The last one back in the barn” award.  It will also be awarded as our way of saying “Thank You” to any and all individual participants who raise $500 or more in additional contributions (above the minimum) to support IROC’s Healthy Changes Initiative.  Teams that collectively raise $1,000 or more (above their minimum pledges) will be thanked with this award as well; they’ll just have to share.