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Organizing Committee

Kingdom Swim Organizing Committee

Kingdom Swim is being planned and hosted by an Organizing Committee staffed by volunteers dedicated to promoting open water swimming in northern Vermont for young and old alike.  IROC, its management and its staff are also actively involved in hosting this event.  The following persons serve on the Kingdom Swim Organizing Committee.

Peter Stuart, Chair. is a local physician who has served on the board of IROC for many years.  He is head of IROC’s masters swimming chapter and is a youth swim coach at IROC.

Charlotte Brynn, Host of the Youth Swim, is Executive Director of The Swimming Hole in Stowe, Vermont  Among her many certifications she is a registered USA Swimming Coach and has agreed to serve as co-host for our youth swims of 3 miles, 1 mile, ¼ mile and 100 yards.

Ned Denison is a six time marathon 16+ mile swimmer and is a native Vermonter who presently lives in Cork, Ireland.  He has generously agreed to serve on the Organizing Committee and provide a wide variety of technical assistance in the planning of this event.  See, Technical Support.

Leslie Thomas and her company Swim Art lead guided swims in San Francisco Bay.  She has offered invaluable assistance in organizing this event. See, Technical Support.

Chris McFarland and his wife are owners of Clyde River Recreation, which rents a wide variety of kayaks, canoes, and boats.

Susan Watson lives on the shores of Lake Memphremagog, knows our lake’s many moods, and is an active member of the Lake Memphremagog Watershed Association.

Ian Hamby is a border patrol agent with Homeland Security and a dedicated swimmer at IROC.

Chris Shaffer teaches fifth grade science at Troy Elementary School and is a volunteer at IROC.

Phil White is a lawyer in private practice and has been Chair of the Board of IROC since the beginning of 2007.

Pete Kellaway serves as General Manager of IROC.

Julie Gunn serves as Community Program Coordinator of IROC