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Performance and Pledge Prizes

Everyone who registers receives a free Kingdom Swim T-Shirt, and a free, introductory, two week membership at IROC (Out of towners can use this while you are here for the swim) Additional prizes for performance and for pledging are being added every week until the day of the event. Here’s what we have gathered so far:

Performance Prizes
We take our open water swimming seriously.  We reward performance, we reward perseverance, we reward completion, and we pull the rest of you from the water at 3:00 pm and give you cocoa or whatever else is available, your preference.  Here are our “performance” prizes.

High Pledging Prizes
On the other hand, this is a charity swim, and cash is king!!  We have some wonderful rewards for high levels of donations.  Many of our swimmers are already using the Support Your Swimmer section of the web site to invite friends, families, and employers to donate in support of their swim.  All donations go to sustaining IROC’s Healthy Changes Initiative, an exercise program for people suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.  All donations in support of a particular swimmer from whatever source (whether by the swimmer or by others) are tallied up and counted toward the High Pledge awards.  They also qualify swimmers for our special thank you rewards listed in the next section.  Here’s how it works.  High Pledge gets first choice of the following rewards.  Second highest pledge gets second choice, etc.

Any and all donations received by us on or before noon on the day of the swim will be counted in awarding these high pledge prizes.  Selections will be made at our award ceremony on Prouty Beach after the swim.

Pledging Rewards for All
We are also offering a wide variety ways to commemorate your participation in Kingdom Swim based on additional donations. Why?  Because our mothers taught us to say, “Thank You” especially to strangers bearing gifts and cash.  We appreciate your generosity and we are happy to welcome you to Kingdom Swim.  Here they are, for additional donations you are qualified for particular thank you gifts:

In order to qualify for these thank you gifts, donations must be received by June 1st and you must have let us know what exactly you want. Alicia Markey, a strong open water swimmer and triathlete from Delaware, is also an impressive graphic artist and has designed our Kingdom Swim Poster and our Kingdom Swim T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts.  You can check out the design by clicking here

If all of this “donation” talk is just not for you, that’s fine with us.  We hope that you will enjoy your swim, enjoy your time in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom, and return for many years to come.  Your participation in this event means a lot to us.  It also means a lot to the “Next Generation” of open water swimmers.  This event has already inspired a whole group of kids and adults to stretch themselves, jump into some open water, and swim!!!  How great is that?