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Pasta Dinner Reservations

Swimmers and Kayakers Pasta Dinner

Name of Swimmer, Yacker or Boat Person:
Last: First:

We’re in for dinner !!!   Yes No

How many persons over 12 years old:         @ $15: total:  
How many Children 6 to 12 years old:           @   $10: total:  
How many children under 6 years old:          @  $5: total:

Total cost of dinner:  

Entrée Preference (please specify numbers of diners who are likely to prefer which entrée) (choice is not binding; it just gives us a rough idea of how much to make of each)
            Spaghetti with meat sauce:       
           Spaghetti with non meat sauce:                     

Pay Pal Payment for Dinner

Or send a Check to IROC, PO Box 558, Derby, VT 05829