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Rules of Kingdom Swim

In establishing our Rules for Kingdom Swim we have tried to be fair to all and maintain consistency with several of our primary goals:
First, that this event will provide a world class challenge to the many upper level recreational and competitive marathon open water swimmers now participating in this sport;
Second, that a wide range of other options will be available to assure inclusiveness to all types of swimmers, all abilities of swimmers, and all ages of swimmers.
Third, above all else, that this event should be a fun and well supported experience for as many participants as possible and an inspiration for many to push themselves just a little bit farther with their training and conditioning.
We are very pleased that the Roster of Participants assembled to date very much reflects these goals.  We have swimmers who have crossed the English Channel and done around Manhattan Island.  We have three-mile speedsters, used to lapping it up in pools for most of their lives, many of whom are just moving into open water competition.  And we have recreational long distance swimmers who just love the experience of being out on a lake somewhere.  And we have an age spread of 6 years old to 65 years old. 
We have also tried to listen to the concerns of various participants in forming these rules, because, ultimately, this is your event, not ours.  One thing we have tried to do is provide clarity and consistency on issues of importance.
With that said, here are the rules we have established so far, with more to come as the need arises (Please also check the Safety section on our web site).   If any of our rules pose particular issues for particular swimmers, please contact   

  1. Start and Finish

A “line in the sand” at Prouty Beach marks the start and finish of all races.  Swimmers cannot cross the line in the sand to enter the water and begin swimming until the round of artillery fire has signaled the start.  Swimmers will not be deemed to have completed the event until some part of their body (hand, foot, elbow, ear, etc.) crosses the “line in the sand.”
2.  Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association Rules
To the extent applicable, all rules of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, apply to this event.
3.  USMS Rules
Kingdom Swim is a USMS Sanctioned event.  The rules of USMS, to the extent applicable to this open water swim, apply.
4.  USA Swimming Rules
Kingdom Swim is also a USA Swimming sanctioned event for youth.  The rules of USA Swimming, to the extent applicable to this open water swim apply.
5. Conflicts
To the extent that particular rules identified above conflict, the Organizing Committee will resolve the conflict as fairly and consistently as we can, keeping in mind the goals and purposes of the swim.
6. High Pledges and Selection of Prizes
For determination of high pledging, acceptance of new donations will be closed as of 12:30 pm on Saturday, July 25th.  The person with the highest level of donations actually received and in hand by IROC (by check, cash or pay pal) as of that time will have first pick of the High Pledge Awards.  The second highest donations will then have their pick. Third, will then pick, etc.  
These prizes are distinguished from the Thank You Gifts that are provided automatically to all those whose donations have reached certain levels
7.  All swimmers, adult and youth, should also be aware of and agree to the following special conditions of participation:

By entering this event, each swimmer agrees to the rules of the swim and to each of these special conditions