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One of the primary goals of the Kingdom Swim Organizing Committee is to assure that adult and youth swimmers are well supported in their swim. To this end, the safety of swimmers, kayakers, other support personnel, and spectators is an ongoing concern for all of us. We have arranged for a good number of motorized support boats to cover the various courses. We will have fully briefed and prepared medical personnel available on the lake, on the shores, and at our local hospital nearby. And, the owners of Cove Island have generously agreed to allow us to use their island as a mid-swim support station.

In the event of truly dangerous or difficult weather, the Kingdom Swim Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel, or postpone, or re-route the swim, without refund. A serious threat of thunder and lightening is the most serious hazard of all. Extreme rain storms or wind may also cause us to cancel the race, delay the start, or consider moving it altogether to Sunday. Exceptionally strong westerly winds may result in re-routing the swim to stay as much as possible under the protection of the western shoreline. Other options include delaying the race in the hope that the most serious weather will pass or even moving the race to Sunday.

We also reserve the right to pull any swimmers from the water who appear to be at risk of experiencing serious difficulties in continuing. In any event, all 10 mile swimmers will be pulled who are still on the course at 4:00 pm; 3 mile swimmers will be pulled who are still on the course 3 hours after the start, i.e., a little after noon.

We know that all of you have undertaken many months of training in order to participate in Kingdom Swim. And we are working hard to make sure that any decisions along these lines are carefully made at the time of the event. If we face truly adverse weather, we will endeavor to make the very best decision we can. And, because we understand the commitment you have made to participate in Kingdom Swim, our inclination will be to run the event. But with our commitment to each of you comes another one from each of you to yourselves, to make your own decision as to whether to make the swim on July 25th.

When it comes right down to it, this is your swim. You have to make the decision that you are ready, mentally and physically, for this open water swim. You have to evaluate the weather conditions and decide for yourself whether you and your kayaker are prepared to take the risk to swim (and kayak) the course you have chosen. We also want you to know that any of you who are registered for the 10 mile swim will be allowed to transfer to the 3 mile swim on the morning of the swim, if you feel that is the most appropriate course for you under the conditions that present themselves that day.

To many of us, there is no better experience than open water swimming. And, we understand that the wind and the weather only add to the challenge. But we also know that, just like skiing or any other outdoor recreational endeavor, it is inherently hazardous and weather can have a big, big impact on safety. And those of us who choose to undertake these kinds of activities accept certain risks that are inherent in the activity.

We have chosen July 25th because it is statistically most likely to be one of the better weekends of the summer. And we are fully expecting that the weather will be great. But, this is New England, not Arizona, and the weather has a mind of its own. So we want you to know that we are very much aware of the unpredictable nature of the weather, we are preparing to evaluate the weather on the day of the event, and we also expect each of you to make your own decisions, in the event of adverse conditions, as to whether to make the swim, shorten your course, or take a pass for this year. We are here, trying to facilitate an open water swimming opportunity. We know that organization and support are necessary for this recreational sport to occur in the first place. But in the end, the decision is yours.