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Son of a Swim – Saturday, June 18, 2011

Son of a Swim is an informal 2, 4, and 6 mile open water swim on Lake Memphremagog, in Newport, Vermont.   There will be no medals, no prizes, no parades with this one, just a swim.  Wet suit and non wet suits are welcome.  All swimmers must bring their own spotter/paddler with them.  We can rent kayaks at the site of the swim for those who reserve and pay for them in advance.  We will arrange for some patrol boats to be on the water to provide help and safety support during the swim.

The swim will start at 9:00 am. 

This swim was initially designed for folks who need to complete these distances in open water in order to qualify for a particular course in Kingdom Swim.  However, it is open to anybody.  For those who have not done these kinds of distances before, it is an opportunity to figure out hydration and nutrition during a longer open water swim.  Each entrant must register and pay the $100 registration fee in advance.  We will provide a kayak for an additional fee of $75.

Each swimmer must qualify to enter this swim, just like with Kingdom Swim.  Those who are already qualified or provisionally qualified for Kingdom Swim will be automatically cleared to swim.  Others will need to submit their open water swimming experience for review and approval.  Once registration and payment are received, we will advise swimmers further about this qualification process.

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