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Technical Support

Ned Denison is providing ongoing technical advice in the planning of Kingdom Swim. He is an experienced, open water, marathon swimmer who grew up in South Burlington, Vermont and who presently lives in Cork, Ireland, Ned has completed 6 open water swims of 16 miles or more since 2005 including the English Channel, Around Manhattan Island and Santa Barbara Channel. He is renowned world wide for his recruitment and mentoring of open water swimmers. Ned is the European Director of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA). Ned will review the open water swimming experience of all registrants for the 10 mile and 3 mile swims to assure that each registrant is sufficiently qualified to enter the event. In addition, Ned has generously offered ongoing assistance in planning, preparation, and training to assure that swimmers with limited open water experience can become qualified in time for the event and also to help any and all entrants get the most out of the Kingdom Swim experience. (Ned will unfortunately miss the 2009 swim because he plans to take on the 30 mile Around Jersey Island the following week. We Vermonters will be rooting for our native son and his challenging swim in the English Channel!! )

Leslie Thomas of Swim Art in San Francisco has also been actively involved in the planning for this event. Leslie too has substantial open water swimming experience. She and her company have guided hundreds of open water swimmers on the historic swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco and they lead many other expeditions in the San Francisco Bay area and elsewhere. Swim Art has generously donated a guided Alcatraz swim to the individual who raises the most pledges for IROC's Healthy Changes Initiative.

We are extremely thankful and very fortunate that Ned and Leslie have offered their time, their experience, and their support to help make Kingdom Swim a successful event and to help assure that individual participants get the very most out of their Kingdom Swim experience.