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Volunteer Kayakers

We are actively recruiting experienced kayakers to volunteer to provide support for our Kingdom Swimmers in the 10 mile and 3 mile courses.  Each kayaker can designate a charity of his or her choice and we will make a $35 donation in their name as an expression of our appreciation for their support of Kingdom Swim.  If they bring their own kayak, we will increase that donation to $70.  Obviously, we are happy to have the donation go to IROC.  But, we are also happy to support other charities as a way of saying thank you to our volunteers.

We are seeking experienced kayakers who can handle good weather and bad.  Our swimmers have trained long and hard to participate in this event.  Many have traveled substantial distances to be here.  So, we are committed to running the swim in all but the most dangerous of conditions.  Threats of thunder and lightening, extremely high winds, or dense fog that limits visibility are the types of conditions that could cause us to delay, postpone, or cancel the swim.  Otherwise, we are committed to running the event as planned, even if the conditions get a little “frisky.”

Volunteer Kayakers should be willing to come to our Swimmers and Yackers Pasta Dinner on Friday before the event to meet their swimmers and talk about the feeding and hydration plan for the following day.

Kayakers should also be willing to share their kayaking experience with us so that we can be assured that all kayakers are reasonably qualified to provide support.

Kayakers are not expected to provide life saving support for swimmers or to try to pull swimmers out of the water.  If a swimmer is experiencing difficulties, kayakers are expected to signal to our motorized patrol boats who will then provide assistance to the swimmer.

Kingdom Swim will be sanctioned by US Masters Swimmers and USA Swimming which provides insurance coverage for the event and for volunteers acting in support of the event.

If you are willing to volunteer, please register here.