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Youth Swim

We are especially excited to be offering a Youth Swim as part of Kingdom Swim.  Youth will be allowed to swim in any one of our five courses, including the 1, 3 and 10 miles courses, if they qualify.  We also offer ¼ mile and 100 yard swims Saturday afternoon specially designed for youth swimmers.   Youth registration for the 1 mile, ¼ mile, and 100 yard swims will be closed on July 15th or when the number of youth registrants reaches 100.  Youth participation in the 3 and 10 mile courses will be closed earlier, on June 15th.

The Youth Swim is now fully sanctioned by USA Swimming.

This will be a fun event.  Frontier Animal Society will be hosting a Pet and Swimmers Parade on Friday evening, July 23rd followed by a Swimmers and Yackers Pasta Dinner.  Many of the adult swimmers will be bringing their state, provincial, and national flags to fly in the parade.  Youth swimmers are invited to join the parade, bring their local banners and mingle with the “Big Fish” coming from all over the country for this open water swimming experience. 

All youth swim programs throughout Vermont and New Hampshire as well as elsewhere in New England and New York are invited to attend.  We are happy to work with local youth swim coaches to help make arrangements to participate in this event. 

Youth who are not presently in a youth swim program must qualify by demonstrating to a participating youth swim coach their capacity to swim the distance they intend to register to swim in this open water event.

This is a charity swim to support IROC’s Healthy Changes Initiative, a groundbreaking exercise program for people suffering from diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.  For more details about this program, check out the Kingdom Swim home page.

The special youth registration fee is $10 per child plus a minimum pledge of $10.  Youth may register on line but then must qualify through a participating youth swim coach or by contacting Charlotte Brynn or Peter Stuart.

Everyone will receive a free Kingdom Swim T-Shirt.  There will be medals and special awards for completing the course, for performance in the events, and for additional levels of pledging.  We have a special feature on the web site “Support our Swimmers” which allows supporters to make contributions on line to support specific swimmers or teams.

For more information please contact the following members of the Kingdom Swim Organizing Committee::

Charlotte Brynn: Co-host,
Peter Stuart, Chair